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Lumi Technology

White label website design for UK companies & agencies

At Lumi Technology we provide professional White Label Web Design service that comes fully bespoke and custom made to offer the Client exactly what he looks for. 

Become our partner & we will hand down to you a no-name web design project


We do not contact any of your Clients
– everything remains as it was


Full confidentiality guaranteed

You own the Copyrights to the design!


While we are working for you, we do not contact any of your Clients to make the project go smoothly and without any notice. When you receive the finished no-name web design project you can then brand it exclusively with your own brand.

Our fully-personalised web design, E-commerce, and software development outsourcing services are an excellent choice for UK advertising agencies, marketing agencies, printing companies, design studios, job agencies, but also IT companies and other UK-based partners. We also create unique and unequivocal White Label Web Design projects.

Our dedicated team of designers, web developers, and programming specialists provide outsourcing services for individual Clients and business Clients. We work on various systems, including our firmware (LumiCMS), but also open source ones like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and others. We program in a wide range of languages – Java, C++, C#, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, depending on the project specification.

Our White Label Web Design is an excellent choice for:

Advertising agencies
PR agencies
IT agencies
IT service agencies
Web design agencies
Marketing agencies
Printing companies
Design studios
Job agencies
On-line shops


Professional & fully personalised no-name branding


Whether you already have a design for your website or not –
We offer comprehensive cutting, coding & implementation of designs into Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla-based websites

Why is it beneficial?
it saves your time
it reduces the costs
you don’t have to worry about anything
you can focus on your own work
you get a fully personalised & responsive web design


What we can offer:

  • Webdesign
  • Redesign
  • Web Development
  • Graphic design
  • E-Commerce
  • Online videos
  • Coding
  • Software development
  • CRM software
  • Mobile-apps
  • Individual software solutions
  • and many others

We are the team of professional graphic designers, software programmers, IT outsourcing and marketing specialits and translators/copywiters. We take up small, medium-size and large projects. We can be valuable subcontractors for UK agencies, design studios, job agencies, marketing agencies, printing comnpanies and other potential Clients. Do you need a unique and personalised web development, software, or mobile apps? Hire our web developers, designers, coding specialists and IT experts.


Become our partner in UK!

If you’d like us to do something for you – contact us by phone or by E-mail. Our Customer-friendly support team and advisors will happily answer all your questions. Interested in prices for our services? Just let us know and we’ll send you our price list and service catalogue.