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Lumi Technology offers you a wide range of software development services – both in terms of application modernization but also design and implementation of web applications and systems tailored to your needs. Our services are offered in the form of White Label, which means that you have exclusive rights to the graphics, logos and software that we prepare.

Our developers operate on many programming languages: PHP, HTML, C ++, JavaScript, Java, Visual Basic and many others. We design and implement Client-optimised web applications and web systems. We focus on intuition, functionality, and security.

CRM systems, B2B, B2C, dedicated applications – we adapt to the needs of each customer. We offer outsourcing of our services in the form of White Label. We create applications and systems, and you get all the rights.

Our company are actively involved in providing software development services on the UK market by participating in trade fairs, business missions and establishing contacts with UK agencies and companies for whom we provide a varied range of marketing services.


Examples of web applications we design and create:

  • Individual dedicated applications – these are programs which are designed and created for a specific audience. Each stage of programming, creating and testing a particular application is based on collaboration with a potential Customer, who suggests corrections and changes, so that he is fully satisfied with the end result of our work.
  • Professional CRM systems – Web applications designed for on-line shops, but not only. CRM systems that we design and create help us manage our customer relationships so that they can be successfully hosted by online stores as well as marketing and other companies. The purpose of our CRM systems is to facilitate and improve contact between the customer and the store or business.
  • Top-quality B2B systems – designed to professionally handle all types of business relationships. Web applications of this type are ideally suited for supporting the handling of orders, offers, and product management in warehouses.


When developing applications for websites, we work with a potential Customer from beginning to end. It is thus the Client who defines the functionality and the way in which the application will be used. Our programs can be used anywhere with only Internet access. They are easy to use so their use is completely intuitive even for those who have not previously dealt with them.

Our company have the experience in designing, creating, testing and implementing unique and advanced as well as simpler and standard web applications on the UK market. Using the knowledge of our programmers, we undertake every project regardless of its advancement and the complexity level. Web applications and software developed by our team are fully personalised, functional and easy to use, and meet the needs of even the most demanding Customers.