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Lumi Technology

E-commerce services for UK agencies

White Label outsourcing solution for professional E-commerce services
For UK agencies & other companies

Lumi Technology offer a comprehensive E-commerce outsourcing solution for potential Customers to create and modify on-line stores, B2B and B2C personalisation, Warehouse Management Systems and many other services.

Our services are offered in the attractive White Label format – it means that we deliver a fully customizable and personalized store design to which you keep all the rights (logo, design, content management tools, etc.).

We prepare fully personalized shops, B2B systems, B2C, WMS and many more. Our services are available to manufacturers, wholesalers as well as retail stores. Each project is implemented from A to Z – from the customer’s choice of functionality, systems and tools, through graphic design and technical support. All the above services we provide in an attractive form of outsourcing – all our specialists are involved in it while you can focus on your work.

Our company is actively involved in the German market by participating in trade fairs, business missions by establishing contacts with German agencies and companies for whom it provides wide-ranging marketing services.


What we can offer in the field of E-commerce solutions:

  • Design and implementation of fully-customized on-line shops
  • A wide selection of B2B and B2C systems
  • Full integration of the above systems with Warehouse Management Systems (Warehouse Management Systems)
  • Integration of on-line stores with WMS systems
  • Create an individual CRM system to manage contact with the store Customer
  • Matching any technical specifications of the system to the needs of the customer
  • and many other services


E-commerce services in the form of outsourcing is an ideal solution for customers interested in starting and developing their business. Having a team of professional programmers, graphic designers and marketing specialists, we are able to provide you with a project that meets all your requirements.

We are committed to both small and simple projects as well as more complex and demanding jobs. Each project is realized individually and comprehensively.