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Lumi Technology

Bespoke CRM software for UK agencies

We create, test, and implement fully-personalised CRM systems


Lumi Technology offers you a wide range of CRM development services – programming, modifying, deploying, and testing CRM systems for customer relationship management.

Our services are offered in the attractive White Label format – it means that we deliver a fully customizable and personalized CRM system that you have all the rights (for example, you can add your company logo and design).

All CRM projects are prepared individually under the given industry and under the customer. We offer support to agencies as well as private companies and corporations. CRM systems can be fully integrated with other systems (such as B2B, B2C, or Warehouse Management System). We provide outsourcing of our services in the form of White Label – we create the system and you get all the rights to it.

Our company is actively involved in providing professional CRM systems by participating in trade fairs, business missions by establishing contacts with German agencies and companies for whom it provides wide-ranging marketing services.


Examples of CRM systems we create:CRM outsourcing for UK agencies

  • Managing all information about the client  
  • A professional system of reports and analyzes collected in the system  
  • Full personalization for every customer  
  • Sending and receiving mail  module to register orders  
  • Full integration with other systems (B2B, B2C, WMS and others)


Software and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are becoming increasingly popular. Our company, in response to the expectations of our clients, proposes to you professional and universal CRM systems. All CRM solutions are prepared individually by the industry and the type of enterprise in which they will be used. Our services are not limited to the creation and implementation of CRM solutions for large corporations – we also offer support to small and medium-sized businesses.

In the process of preparing CRM systems we cooperate with the customer at every stage of production, thus ensuring that the final product will surely meet all the requirements previously set.


The cost of implementing the CRM program is set individually for each order


Our company has experience in designing, creating, testing and deploying unique and advanced markets as well as simpler and standard web applications. Using the knowledge of our programmers, we undertake every project regardless of its advancement. Each project is implemented on time and is aimed at providing full satisfaction. As part of the post-implementation assistance we offer the opportunity to conduct course applications.