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Lumi Technology

Web development

Lumi Technology offer you complete and comprehensive range of services: bespoke web design, E-commerce design, computer programming, web refreshment & repair, corporate branding, web apps, and many other solutions to improve your existing website or web shop. Contact us and we will come up with the solution that is most convenient to you.


We create, refresh & upgrade your existing website & on-line shop with a responsive design. We work on our own firmware & open source systems.


Does your website look old-fashioned & needs a makeover? We use fashionable, responsive and fully customised templates to ensure that it looks and works effectively.


We offer you fully-personalised on-line shops, B2B and WMS systems. We deal with programming, integration, implementation and provide a lot more solutions.

Responsives Design

The use of mobile devices grows rapidly, and so is the need for fully responsive websites. With our help, your website will effectively fill in the mobile market.

Years on the market
Co-operating partners
Realised projects

Visit to see packets, demo versions of websites or webshop and eBay templates that we can do for you.

Why co-operate with us?

We can offer you most competitive prices.

We provide a team of highly-qualified and talented web designers.

Individual approach towards each Client.

Hourly web design rates - we save your money and time.

Professional Customer service coordinated by our designers, developers, and IT experts.

Creative Design

Our designers offer you unique and individual graphic projects for websites & print-outs. Our team work on our own materials as well as those that our Clients send us. Our solutions are dedicated for marketing agencies, design agencies, printing offices, companies dealing with all sorts of web design projects, but also web design specialists and companies offering web design services for their Clients.


We provide Client-tailored solutions as regards leaflets, business cards, advertising materials, letterheads, folders, catalogues, and other graphic design services.

Web design

Our designers prepare inique logo designs, advertising banners, dully-responsive web design templates & designs, and more.

Online Videos

Virtual trips over historical landmarks and other buildings, website video & animation design and enhancing. We design videos and interactive company visualisations, 2D & 3D movies, etc.

Corporate Design

Dedicated graphic projects for creating an unequivocal and captivating corporal identity. Business cards, folders, letterheads, catalogues, and more.



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